Heading Home Project

Three-step plan identifies 75 needy residents, provides housing, and engages non-profit community.

Mayor Richard J. Berry and Family and Community Services Director Robin Otten announced on Thursday an aggressive initiative to combat chronic homelessness and its expense to the public.

"It is time that Albuquerque takes a comprehensive approach to the problem of chronic homelessness," Mayor Berry said. "Not only does chronic homelessness cause a great deal of suffering, it also comes at a great expense to the public and places a drain on already scarce resources. This will be an effort by the entire community to address a problem that devastates people at every level of society."

"People who suffer from chronic homelessness are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, and veterans who have come homeafter serving our country," Mayor Berry said.

The initiative, Albuquerque Heading Home, is a multi-step plan that incorporates hundreds of volunteers, the business community, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and the faith community. Best practices from other cities around the country have been used during the development of this initiative. The goal of the program is to make a very real and measurable impact to chronic homelessness in Albuquerque.

The initiative has three steps:

Step 1. Finding the "Million-Dollar Murrays" of Albuquerque

Step 2: Housing and Funding

Step 3: Keeping the Momentum Going