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Young Neighbor Alerts Elderly Woman of the House Fire

Mayor awards 9-year old with Good Samaritan Award

Albuquerque- Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized nine-year-old Timothy Martinez as a Good Samaritan. Timothy saw smoke arising from a home in his street and jumped into action to ensure the safety of his neighbor living there.

Earlier this month, Timothy was at home when he noticed smoke from his neighbor’s house. He realized that his neighbor’s shed was engulfed in flames, and decided he had act. Instead of asking for help, he took matters into his own hands and ran to the front door to alert anyone that was inside. Timothy feverishly knocked on his neighbor’s door and told the woman inside that her shed was on fire and she needed to evacuate. She was able to safety leave her home without incident.

The shed next to the home was completely lost to the fire, but thanks Timothy’s brave actions, the woman was able to exit her home without harm. The woman inside unaware of the fire, so Timothy’s bravery most likely saved her life. Community members such as Timothy who are Good Samaritans to those around them are the reason Albuquerque is such a great place to live.