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Young Girl Donates Hair to Locks of Love

Good Samaritan: Breanna Barela

September 22, 2017

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Breanna Barela as a Good Samaritan for donating more than a foot of her hair to Locks of Love (LOL). Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization that creates and gifts hair prostheses (hairpieces) to individuals under the age of 21. Recipients of the hairpieces mostly suffer from alopecia and hair loss due to radiation treatment for cancer, and in some cases their hair loss is permanent.

This past summer, five-year-old Breanna watched a cartoon with character of a girl with short hair. Because she admired the cartoon’s hair style she explained to her mom, Ashley Barela, that she wanted to cut her long hair. At that point, Breanna’s hair had grown well past her waist. The mother considered her daughter’s request, and questioned Breanna if she would consider donating her hair to Locks of Love. Ashley explained to Breanna that LOL would take her donated hair, and turn it into a hairpiece to give to another little girl who was suffering from an illness that caused her hair to fall out.

Before Ashley went through cutting Breanna’s long hair, she searched the internet for videos about other little girls donating their hair to Locks of Love. The mother and daughter found and watched a YouTube video showcasing a little girl who was also five-years-old, putting on her hairpiece for the first time. Breanna enjoyed watching the little girl become very excited and seeing how the hairpiece boosted her self-confidence.

In July, Ashley cut 16 inches of Breanna’s hair, then sent it off to LOL. In appreciation of Breanna’s compassionate deed, the charitable organization provided Breanna with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of her selfless dedication and support of their cause.

Breanna participates in the City of Albuquerque’s Emerson Pre-Kindergarten Center program through the Department of Family & Community Services. Breanna’s pre-kindergarten teacher, Chantel Garcia, was so touched by Breanna’s actions that she nominated her for the City’s Good Samaritan award. Recently, Breanna explained to her mom that because she enjoyed donating her hair to little girls who lost theirs, she wanted to continue to grow her hair long to donate it to LOL again. It is for these reasons that Breanna Barela was recognized as this week’s City of Albuquerque’s Good Samaritan. 


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