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Young Entrepreneur Honored for Life-Saving Invention

Mayor awards inventor of “The Hot Seat” with Good Samaritan Award

Albuquerque- Alissa Chavez is getting ready to start her senior year of high school at Eldorado, while also preparing for her invention to transition into the retail sector. This young entrepreneur created a gadget when she was in Middle School called “The Hot Seat” alarm system. Designed to prevent the tragedy of a child dying in a hot car. “The Hot Seat” utilizes patented technology to sound an alarm if a child is left in the vehicle. 


Today Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Chavez as a Good Samaritan, whose invention has life-saving potential.


“Alissa’s work is remarkable and inspirational,” said Mayor Berry. “I’m so proud of this young entrepreneur and her work to improve the lives and prevent tragedies. Her heartfelt invention is the exact mentality we’re trying to encourage and foster in our city; identifying a need and filling it with an entrepreneurial solution.”


Nationally, in 2013, 44 children died from overheating in a vehicle left in the hot sun. As a young inventor, Chavez says she’s been inspired throughout her life by young children, and that even one child passing away is one too many.


Earlier in June Chavez started a campaign to raise money to create more refined prototype, to donate to her campaign visit