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Young Boy Inspires Many with His Character and Bravery

Friday’s Hero: Isaac Lill

July 5, 2013

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored a six year old boy for his amazing perspective and fortitude through unbelievable strife. Isaac Lill has spent his life not looking back at his hardships, but rather working on the present making all those who come in contact with him filled with his joy and zeal for living.

Isaac was born prematurely with lumbosacral agenesis, so his spine did not develop correctly. Looking for a home for this newborn was not easy but at 6 weeks old Isaac was adopted by Duncan and Andrea Lill.  As a member of the Lill family, Isaac, was showered in love from his parents and two older sisters.

The Lills also introduced Isaac to sports soon after the adoption, taking him to many Isotopes games. They had season tickets right by the home dugout where Isaac could be found fist-bumping the players and wishing them luck on the game. One day during warm-ups short-stop, Dee Gordon, took Isaac onto the field to warm up with the team. In no time Isaac had gotten to know the whole team and coaches. He was a regular at the Isotopes games helping the team gear up for their games and showing off his infectious positive attitude.

Isaac Lill made an impression last year during Dodger Matt Kemp’s rehabilitation training with the Albuquerque Isotopes. Matt Kemp particularly remembered Isaac’s character and intense love of baseball. Kemp asked him to throw the starting pitch at Dodger’s Stadium, a once in a lifetime event granted to this amazing young boy.

This special kid plays some ball himself on his tee-ball team. He is one mean catcher who has dreams of becoming an umpire one day. Although Isaac’s way of playing might be a bit different from his teammates, he always puts everything he’s got out on that field. Isaac never lets his disabilities turn into a handicap for him as he runs around the bases with his teammates.

Today Mayor Berry named Isaac Lill a community hero, while Chief Ray Schultz and Chief James Breen honored him as an honorary Police Officer and Firefighter. Isaac’s bravery and commitment is an inspiration to everyone and parallels what officers do every day out in their field. His devotion to bringing out the best in everyone he meets makes him someone that we are proud to call our own.