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Woman Helps Stranded Wheelchair-bound Woman

Good Samaritan: Cristina Mulcahy

August 26, 2016

Albuquerque- Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Cristina Mulcahy for her selfless actions to assist a stranded woman that was in desperate need of help.

On the evening of February 8th, Nicole Johns was on her way home from shopping at Wal-Mart when at the intersection of Coal and Morningside her motorized wheelchair battery died and left her stranded. While driving, Mulcahy saw the woman stationary and looking distressed on the sidewalk and chose to pull over to offer her help. This is when she discovered that Johns’ battery had died and that she was also mute and only able to communicate with a notepad.

After learning that Johns lived nearly 2 miles away, Mulcahy’s initial inclination to push her became unfeasible, and after a quick assessment she knew that loading the chair into her vehicle was also. Johns explained that she did not have a family that she could call to help so Mulcahy resorted to calling 911. The Albuquerque Fire Department (AFD) dispatched a crew and Albuquerque Ambulance Services (AAS) dispatched a bariatric unit, which is equipped with a lift.  Once the units arrived they were able to load Johns and her chair into the transport unit and took her home. All the while Mulcahy stayed on scene with Johns.

Cristina Mulcahy is a prime example of what makes our community a great place, she did not think twice about going out of her way to help another in need. It is for this reason that Cristina Mulcahy was selected to receive the City of Albuquerque’s Good Samaritan award.