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Transit Employee Aids in the Capture of a Car-Jacker

Employee of the Week: Ray Sweck

August 30, 2013


Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored an employee from the Transit Department who was vital to the capturing of a callused car thief. Ray Sweck, a supervisor at ABQ Ride, stepped up to help Albuquerque in a great way.

This past March on an early Sunday morning Sweck was eastbound on Central Avenue when he was stunned to see a smoking truck driving into a building. Concerned that the driver would be severely injured if the truck caught fire, Sweck was quick on his feet as he rushed to aid the driver. When he reached the truck the driver was both injured and frightened; and quickly fled the scene.

Sweck called the Albuquerque Police to report the accident, and the suspicious injured man who had run off. It turns out that APD had been looking for that same truck, which happened to be stolen from a woman on her way to church just blocks away. Sweck was instrumental in the apprehending of the culprit by giving authorities the license plate number and a detailed description of the driver.

While the police worked on clearing the scene Sweck stepped up and created a bus detour to keep traffic moving. Sweck’s quick thinking kept all commuters safe that morning. Ray Sweck is an excellent city employee because in the midst of chaos he was able to calmly help with the capture of a car thief while also minimizing the impact of traffic on those driving down the main corridor of Central Avenue. This type of motivation is valued in City of Albuquerque employees and Ray is more than commendable for his actions.