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The Solid Waste Management Department Continues to Revitalize Vehicle Fleet

November 24, 2015

ALBUQUERQUE - Mayor Richard J. Berry and the Solid Waste Management Department continue to grow the department’s vehicle replacement plan. The aggressive plan will ensure that 397 vehicles will be replaced by the end of a ten year period, creating a safer, updated and more sustainable fleet of collection vehicles.

In the first five years of the plan 219 replacement vehicles have been purchased at a total cost of $33,486,547. 41 automated side loaders, 29 front loaders and 30 rear loaders have been purchased during the same time frame. The remaining 119 purchased vehicles are made up of 8 rear loaders, 61 heavy/specialty equipment and 50 light vehicles. Over the next five years another 178 vehicles will be purchased bringing the ten year total to 397 new vehicles.

“We have a motto here at City Hall – to keep people safe, and help them succeed,” said Mayor Richard Berry. “That is why it is important we invest in equipment that helps our employees do their jobs well, but also ensures their safety and wellbeing.”

A properly maintained fleet provides safe equipment for employees to operate, helping to reduce the number of workman compensation claims that are filed each year, reduced emissions and fuel consumption. Solid Waste vehicles travel thousands of miles each year, when cared for properly they also help to reduce any danger for the public while they travel the streets of Albuquerque.

For information about the Solid Waste Management Department please visit or call 311, TTY 711.