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Teenagers Go Out of Their Way to Help Stranger In Need

Good Samaritans: Andy Chavez and Elio Luna

February 12, 2016

Albuquerque- Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized two high school students from West Mesa High School for the compassion they showed towards a stranger in need. Andy Chavez and Elio Luna’s empathy and care for their fellow neighbor are what earned them the City of Albuquerque Good Samaritan award.

Chavez and Luna had stopped at a Circle K gas station on Coors before school on a Friday morning when they came across a woman that appeared to be frantic and in need of help. The boys recognized that she was in need of medical attention but knew they were not qualified to render the appropriate aide so they called 911.  Chavez and Luna accepted the fact that they would be late for school, but they selflessly chose not to leave the woman alone in an emergency situation, regardless if it meant they would get in trouble at school.

The boys waited with the woman, doing what they could to assist or comfort her, until crews arrived on scene. Once the woman was transported, emergency crew members escorted the boys to school to let the administration know how helpful the boys had been and to excuse their tardiness. 

Andy Chavez and Elio Luna are two prime examples of selfless teens in our community. These two young men are being awarded the City of Albuquerque’s Good Samaritans award for the concern and kindness they offered to a fellow community member.