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TalentABQ In Partnership with TechHire Launches New Skill Up Site

Growth of Skills-Based Hiring continues to grow across Central NM with a focus on assessment, training, hiring and advancement for citizens to connect to high-demand jobs

April 6, 2017

Albuquerque, NM – Today, Talent Albuquerque (TalentABQ) in partnership with TechHire NM launched a skill-up site at the Barelas Community Center.  Continuing the effort that began when Mayor Richard J. Berry launched Talent Albuquerque in late 2013, the Barelas Skill Up Site will be a valuable resource to citizens seeking workforce and skill-based training across Albuquerque with a focus on residents located near or between Central Avenue and the Barelas Community Center. 

Talent ABQ and TechHire are focusing on the need to connect training to high-demand jobs at a time when our Nation has tremendous gaps between training providers and employers.  In 2016, the Mid-Region Council on Governments was awarded a TechHire grant by the U. S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration to provide training and employment to citizens across Central NM.   The Central New Mexico Workforce Connections Center is a key hub for this work. 

“The partnerships that have formed since the launch of Talent ABQ and TechHire have been a tremendous asset to our citizens seeking ways to assess their skills, receive training and be connected to good employment,” said Mayor Richard Berry at the launch of the site.  “The Barelas Community Center is one of the oldest community centers in our City and has provided opportunities to citizens since 1942.  Having critical partners such as the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce, Mission Graduate and others connecting to the work is an added benefit for this selection of the Skill-Up Site.”

"Helping our workforce 'skill-up' at the Barelas Center will continue to fuel the growth in skills-based training and hiring across Albuquerque,” added Jamai Blivin, president and CEO of Innovate+Educate.  "Working with employers and economic development to develop and scale new pathways to high-paying and rewarding IT jobs will effectively place skilled talent in Albuquerque.  We are excited to work out of the Barelas Community Center to expand access.”

Training offered at the Skill Up site will include links to training across multiple sectors and will include training gathered via TechHire.  It will also include other training integrated from community colleges, online sources, UNM Continuing Ed, and ACT Keytrain, New to the site will be a free assessment for job readiness called CoreScore.  CoreScore is a soft skills assessment being piloted by Innovate+Educate in partnership with the Central NM Workforce Connections Center as part of TechHire.   The assessment will be offered free to all residents in Albuquerque and provide them links to skill upp in critical areas including literacy, communications, customer service and critical thinking.


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About Innovate+Educate:

I+E is a national non-profit implementing evidence-based, employer-led strategies to drive competency-based training and hiring for in-demand jobs. Their vision is to create multiple pathways to employment and their focus is on industry-driven solutions to education and employment. I+E is led by a Board of Directors from top industries across 35 states.

About TalentABQ:

TalentABQ is a joint initiative between Innovate+Educate, the City of Albuquerque, the Central NM Workforce Connections Center, and the N Department of Workforce Solutions to advance Albuquerque’s workforce and help employers find talent using skill-based hiring.