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Sun Van Chauffeur Returns Purse Containing Over $5,000

Employee of the Week: Transit Employee Tim Salazar.

January 8, 2016


Albuquerque- Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry honored a man for his integrity when he returned a purse with thousands of dollars in it to its owner after she left it on a Sun Van. Tim Salazar, a Sun Van chauffer, knew how much this purse and its contents would mean to its owner and made sure it was handled responsibly. Due to his trustworthiness, Salazar is this week’s City of Albuquerque Employee of the Week.


Some people might believe that seeing a purse on a bus seat is a great opportunity to cash in, especially if it contains over five thousand dollars. However, Tim Salazar is not that kind of man. Last year, Salazar noticed a bag left on one of the seats in his Sun Van. Salazar put the purse aside and turned it into his supervisor at the end of his shift to make sure the owner was able to retrieve it. The owner of the purse was delighted to learn that Salazar had turned in the purse with the $5,000 in cash still inside. The woman was so grateful for his kind act that she tried to give him money for his good deed. He refused and said he could not accept any type of reward. 


Sun Van, ABQ RIDE's paratransit service, provides accessible transportation to persons residing in or visiting the metro area whose impairment makes it impossible to ride the fixed route service. Tim Salazar provided a great example of how honesty and a good conscience can make anyone anywhere know that they are in good hands. The employees at Sun Van take their work very seriously, and work hard every day to make sure you get to your destination safely, efficiently, and with all your belongings.