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Solid Waste Employees Give Tour to a Young Admirer

Employees of the Week: Solid Waste Management’s Noe Chavez, Angelo Lucero, Greg Montano, Joe Mora, Mila Romero, and Robert Vigil

April 7, 2017

Albuquerque, NM – Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized six Solid Waste Management Department employees for their outstanding mentorship efforts by giving a close-up view of a Solid Waste Collection truck to a three-year-old boy who loves the blue trucks. This week’s Employees of the Week are Collections Driver Noe Chavez, Collections Supervisor Angelo Lucero, Collections Driver Greg Montano, Collections Supervisor Joe Mora, Administrative Assistant Mila Romero, and Collections Supervisor Robert Vigil.

Ever since he was a baby, Damian and Melissa Loehle’s son, Audric, has loved to watch Albuquerque’s blue Solid Waste collection trucks perform their duties. At three-and-a-half years old, Audric’s favorite thing in the whole world is to watch the blue Solid Waste collection trucks and the way they stop-and-go, picking up residents’ waste and recycling. Audric loves the collection trucks so much he goes out to give the waste collectors, Montano and Chavez, hugs for their outstanding service. Week after week, Montano and Chavez would stop by the Loehle residence and after some time were able to build a relationship with the Loehle family. It was at this time that Mr. Loehle contacted the Solid Waste Management Department and was able to arrange a close-up view of the waste collection truck for Audric.

In February, Montano, Chavez, Lucero, Mora, Romero, and Vigil brought the Loehle family to the Solid Waste Management Department and showed Audric the waste collection truck. With freshly washed fleet to show off, the employees were there personally to show him one of the trucks and create life-long memories for Audric and his parents.

These employees went out of their way to give Audric an experience that he will remember for years to come. The Loehle family describes the employees at the Solid Waste Management Department as friendly, hardworking, and efficient. The family was so thankful that the employees took the time out of their day to make it a memorable day for Audric. These employees went above and beyond to make a young boy feel special and show him the valuable work that they do for the community. It is for these reasons that Noe Chavez, Angelo Lucero, Greg Montano, Joe Mora, Mila Romero, and Robert Vigil were recognized as this week’s City of Albuquerque’s Employees of the Week.


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