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Solid Waste Employee’s Attentive Nature Garners Praise

Employee of the Week: Carlos Candelaria, Solid Waste Driver

May 10, 2013

Albuquerque- Carlos Candelaria is a driver with the Solid Waste Department. A resident wrote in to the Department, asking that he be recognized for his attentive and generous nature. The author of the letter wrote about an instance in which her husband was in the hospital, on this day Candelaria had noticed that their trash bin was not on the curb, he stopped his truck to see if everything was okay, and noticed the woman struggling to get her bin out. Candelaria got out of his truck and helped her move the bin. Though this may seem like a small gesture, to this woman, with all the stress that she was enduring, Candelaria’s actions were very meaningful.

In addition to helping her with her trash bin, in a separate incident Candelaria heard of a resident in the same neighborhood that had passed away. He kindly offered his condolences to the family during this heart-wrenching time.

The author of the letter praised Candelaria for his thoughtful and attentive spirit, and asked that he be recognized for being so much more than a trash truck driver.