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Red Light Camera Question to go to Voters

Mayor will not veto legislation relating to Ballot Question

Albuquerque—Mayor Richard J. Berry announced today he will allow the question of whether to keep the Red Light Camera Program to appear on the ballot of the City’s municipal election on October 4, 2011. The City Council voted at its June 20th meeting to put the question to vote.

“My Administration has done what we said we would do,” Mayor Berry said. “We took the politics out of the program and made it about public safety. Additionally we negotiated a contract with the vendor that ensures taxpayers will not be on the hook for paying for the program. We commissioned an independent study of the program which gave us the data we needed to make changes based on public safety. I am hopeful that voters will make an informed decision when they hit the polls so that we can all put this issue to rest.”

After the University of New Mexico revealed its findings in October 2010, Mayor Berry and his public safety team made significant changes to the program including the elimination of three cameras, traffic engineering changes at intersections, lengthening the yellow light at the intersections, enhancements in signalization, and improvements to signage. The current contract that was approved by the City Council on June 6, 2011 on a 7-2 vote requires the vendor to pay the costs to operate the program.

Speed vans continue to remain in use to enhance safety in school zones, construction zones, and neighborhoods.