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Read Mayor Berry's Veto Message on O-11-44

Read Mayor Richard Berry's complete veto message on O-11-44

Subject: Veto Message on F/S O-11-44 Amending the Zoning Code, Subsections 14-16-1-5(B) and 14-16-3-5(A)(C) and (D) In Order to Update The Regulation of Electronic Signs

I hereby exercise my veto authority and apply it to F/S O-11-44, which passed at the City Council meeting of August 1, 2011 by a vote of 5 For and 4 Against.

As Mayor, I have received a great deal of input relating to my decision to veto this particular bill and I have spent a great deal of time reading and hearing all the parties involved. While I support the need for regulations for Electronic Signs and the sensitivities that our neighborhoods have towards them, I also support our business community and the needs that they have expressed to me.

While I support the intent of F/S O-11-44, again, I am compelled to veto it in this form. I believe with all the work that the Sign Task Force has done as well as all the input our community has provided we will be able to continue to work out the differences and develop more of a consensus. I am willing to help build this compromise to ensure both our neighborhoods are protected and our businesses are not hindered.