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Park & Recreation Employees Jump into Action to Put Out Fire

Employees of the Week: Cesar Arredondo & Samuel Garcia

November 6, 2015

Albuquerque- Mayor Richard J. Berry honored two employees from the Parks and Recreation Department Open Space Division for their quick actions that kept a wildfire from spreading into the Petroglyph National Monument and nearby homes and businesses.

On June 15th, park attendants Cesar Arredondo and Samuel Garcia were patrolling Albuquerque’s Public Open Space when they noticed smoke near the Petroglyph National Monument on the north side of Paseo Del Norte west of Golf Course Road.  After confirming there was a fire, they immediately radioed the Open Space Dispatch for emergency fire crews.  Arredondo and Garcia quickly took tools and shovels from their truck to suppress the flames with dirt. Albuquerque Fire Department was quick on scene utilizing fire extinguishers to put out the rest of the flames. The park attendants’ fast actions of notifying fire officials and beginning the process of containing the flames kept at least five spot-fires from spreading into the nearby Monument, residences, and buildings.

These two brave employees went well beyond their normal Park Attendant duties and put the safety of others above their own.

“Their quick thinking and swift actions helped contain a serious threat,” said Mayor Richard Berry. “Wild fires of any size can quickly spread and become unmanageable.  Due to the proximity of the fires to neighborhoods and businesses, Arredondo and Garcia not only saved the open space, but saved residential and business properties from any harm.”