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Open Space Team Rescues Young Boy in the Bosque

Friday’s Heroes: Sgt. Jeremy Basset, Officer Chad Melvin, Officer Jesus Banuelos, Officer Mark Dietz, & Officer Matthew Schmidt

November 1, 2013


Albuquerque- Today Chief Administrative Officer, Rob Perry, honored Open Space Officers who located a boy, lost in the Bosque for eight hours. Through perseverance and commitment Sergeant Jeremy Basset, Officer Chad Melvin, Officer Jesus Banuelos, Officer Mark Dietz, and Officer Matthew Schmidt were able to locate the missing boy and bring him back home.

The incident occurred last month, when a couple, sick with worry, discovered that their 10 year old autistic son had wandered away from their watchful eye. They frantically searched for their son for six hours until they realized that they needed help to locate the boy. The Open Space Team of Sgt. Basset, Officer Melvin, Officer Banuelos, Officer Dietz, and Officer Schmidt received a dispatch for the missing boy and quickly jumped into action.

The team scoured the Bosque and asked people hiking along the Rio Grande if they had seen the young boy. The Officers came across a lead when hikers in the Rio Grande said they had seen the boy two hours earlier near the El Pinto Restaurant. Within a couple of hours the Officers were able to locate him playing on a rope swing off a ditch bank at 4th Street and Guadalupe. The boy had crossed the river that day, walking approximately 10 miles before being found.

This highly stressful, eight hour ordeal for the parents was remedied by these fine Open Space Officers. Their knowledge of the Bosque and their persistence helped rescue the boy and return him safe and sound to his parents.