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Officer Helps Neighborhood Change Reputation and Remove Stigmas

Troubled community gets needed attention to cut down on crime and illegal drugs

February 1, 2013

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored Officer Guy Abbatantuono [ab-ii-ti-taw-noh] from the Foothills Area Command for his dedication to a local neighborhood that was struggling to rid their streets of crime and illegal drugs. Several houses within the community had become hubs for illegal activity, causing issues for surrounding homeowners. The complaint originated when a community member visited with Officer Abbatantuono at the substation and talked with him about the problem homes.

Officer Abbatantuono could have simply made arrangements for fellow officers to drive through the neighborhood in an effort to bolster the police presents, but instead he went above and beyond, generating graphs, requesting maps for tracking the illegal activity, calculating statistics based on calls for service, and eventually projecting goals and outcomes.

In addition to his regular duties, including taking calls and going out to provide service, he managed his time so efficiently that he was able to dedicate time to complete this tact plan, issue numerous citations at the problem-houses, maintain contact with the community, and heighten the police presence in the neighborhood.

The end result of his dedication was creating a community where each neighbor feels safe in their home- a priceless outcome.