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Off Duty Police Officer’s Act of Kindness Shows Great Compassion

Friday’s Heroes: Officer Tamas Nadas

May 2, 2014

Albuquerque- This week’s Friday’s Hero is an Albuquerque Police Officer who truly exemplifies the age old expression about “the kindness of strangers.”  Officer Tamas Nadas gained much admiration recently due to his generous gesture late last month when he witnessed a line of people in need of food and took action to ensure they didn’t go hungry.

Officer Nadas is currently assigned to the Patrol Division of the Albuquerque Police Department.  He moved to Albuquerque a little over a year ago and is a recent graduate of the APD Academy.  Prior to that he served as a peace officer with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  He has a very interesting story, having won a World Karate Championship title in 1997 while a resident of Hungary, and immigrating to the United States shortly thereafter.

Just a couple of weeks ago Officer Nadas was scheduled to work chief’s overtime at Noon Day Ministries, a local non-profit organization which provides food and other life sustaining services to people in our community in need.   When he arrived to begin his shift, he learned that it was canceled due to a power outage.  As he was receiving that information, he saw a fairly long line of people who were hungry and eager to receive a warm meal. Unfortunately due to the power outage, Noon Day was unable to maintain regular operations and Officer Nadas was very concerned that the men and women in the line would go hungry.  Even though Officer Nadas would no longer be earning money for the scheduled shift, he headed to McDonalds and at his own expense, bought 20 individual breakfasts and drinks.  Before distributing the food, he checked in with the management at Noon Day to ensure there would be no problems with bringing food from the outside to feed those who were hungry.  Though he never thought twice about going to get food for the small crowd, he was very touched by their grateful response.  As he passed out breakfast burritos and apple juice, the patrons of Noon Day shook his hand and expressed their appreciation repeatedly.

Officer Nadas continues to be humbled by the attention he has received in response to his actions that day.  He believes most people would have responded in the way that he did in encountering fellow citizens in their time of need.  But there is little doubt that his efforts were an expression of extraordinary kindness for a group of 20 strangers.

“What Officer Nadas did that day to help a group of strangers in need is a true testament to his exceptional character, both as a police officer and as an individual,” said Mayor Berry. “We can be very proud and grateful that that he serves in our community.”