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New Website Promotes Volunteering

System will manage and measure valuable volunteering hours

Albuquerque- Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry announced a new volunteer website that will expedite the process of volunteering with the City of Albuquerque. This website, found at, will work as a one-stop shop for City volunteers by both managing volunteer opportunities and recording hours logged by our generous volunteers.

Each year, the City of Albuquerque has about 7,000 volunteers that donate nearly 50,000 hours of expertise to City facilities and programs. From Animal Welfare to the BioPark, volunteers play an integral role in the operation of the City.

The new website allows those wishing to volunteer to research and register for opportunities that fit into their schedules. Individuals can personalize their search by interest, time commitment, duration, and location. The software tracks, manages, and maintains volunteering hours. Previously, there was not a uniform way for the city to track hours of service for the thousands of volunteers we host. Now, the city is able to keep a record of this for the benefit of the volunteer, the city’s operations, and reporting of volunteer value to the public.

Another benefit of is that it allows better tracking for volunteer rewards opportunities throughout the city.  For example, volunteers within the Open Space Division of Parks and Recreation receive a hat as a form of recognition for their work after they log a certain number of hours. The software allows the hours logged by volunteers to be automatically tracked, so the value of these volunteers is immediately seen.

The software was purchased from Samaritan Technologies. First-year costs for implementation total $33,000. In subsequent years, the cost drops to $10,000 annually. After first year costs, this software equates to approximately $1.42 per volunteer for the current 7,000 city volunteers. It is likely that the City of Albuquerque could see an increase in volunteerism with the ease that this new website brings.

To view the website visit or access it through the 311 APP


Video: Volunteer Website Announcement