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New Software System Improves Hiring Process for City

Applications process is streamlined, requiring less manual filtering

August 13, 2013


Albuquerque- Technology has quickly become a key to making City Hall easier to navigate, while cutting out costs associated with vast amounts of wasted paper. Over the past few years the City of Albuquerque has invested in numerous technological advances to cut down on man hours, increase efficiency, and better communicate with the public.

Now the City’s Human Resources Department is rolling out a new software program that will improve the city’s hiring process by going paperless and requiring less manual filtering of applicants. The system called NEOGOV will sort all applicants to produce a select group of highly qualified potential employees. As the city transitions to the new program jobs will be posted on the current site and the new NEOGOV site to ensure a smooth shift.

"We are accustomed to receiving hundreds of applications for a single job posting, this process allows us to be good stewards of the tax dollars by streamlining what use to be a tedious, manual method into an automated process; decreasing the unnecessary cost of paying staff to sort through the paperwork, as well as the cost of paper itself," said Mayor Richard J. Berry. "Now the Human Resources employees will be able to devote more of their time to ensuring accountability from their departments."

"The added functionality of our new system creates an improved experience for job seekers while making the hiring process much for manageable for the departments that are hiring," iterated Human Resources Director Vince Yermal.

The new system started to transition on August 12, HR Officials expect the transition to be complete by the beginning of September. The new program has an initial cost of about $62,000 with an annual maintenance cost of $41,000, the mostly paperless system is projected to reduce processing and paper costs by about $250,000 over five years.