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Interactive Map Shows New Development Along Central

Map shows building permits along Albuquerque's historic Route 66.

July 26, 2017

Albuquerque, NM – City of Albuquerque has issued permits for projects valued over $320 million along the Central Avenue corridor since the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) project entered Project Development. Now, the public can see where and how many building permits have been issued on Albuquerque's Central Avenue corridor for the past three and a half years, thanks to a new interactive map developed by the City of Albuquerque's Planning Department and Transit Department. The ART Development Map will provide users more accessible information on development happening in and around the ART route.

The City's Planning Department developed the map as a way to see how many building permits have been issued along the Central Avenue corridor since Feb. 1, 2014. That date is significant because it is when the Transit Department received authorization from the Federal Transit Administration to begin project development for the ART project, which included design and eventual construction. By definition, the Central Avenue corridor is defined as five-eights of-a-mile north and south of the centerline of Central, starting at Unser and ending at Tramway

"With projects valued over $320 million, it averages out to approximately $91 million in development each 12-month period since February 2014. In contrast, each of the previous three years (2011 through 2013), the Planning Department saw, on average, projects valued at $68 million in the Central Avenue Corridor," said City Planning Director Suzanne Lubar.

The Center for Neighborhood Technology, a national nonprofit that analyzes return on a city's infrastructure investment, predicts that the ART project, once finished, could provide a boom in economic opportunity along the Central Avenue corridor of up to $2 billion over the next 10 to 20 years.

Dayna Crawford , Deputy Director of ABQ Ride and Project manager for ART added, "Transit is synergistic. Albuquerque didn't have a downtown until the railroad came to town. Now, we are in our next transportation revolution, around ART and its corridor. A new transportation system attracts a new workforce which needs new places to live and work. Precisely the characteristics that make the $2-3 billion as an estimate of its development and redevelopment potential appropriate."

View the Map

The interactive ART/Albuquerque Development Map is among the dozens of layers of geographical information maintained by the Albuquerque Geographic Information System in a computerized format. These maps are a powerful tool for analyzing and monitoring growth and change in the City's existing environment.

View the Central Avenue Map.


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