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National Marketing Campaign Firms Reveal Strategies, Key Markets

Plans include monthly video series, regular creative social messaging to attract entrepreneurs

January 24, 2017

ALBUQUERQUE – The $1 million allocated by Mayor Richard J. Berry for a national marketing campaign to attract entrepreneurs to Albuquerque will be spent heavily on saturating a handful of key cities with positive messages about why Albuquerque is the premier city in which to start or move a business. This plan comes after the announcement a year and a half ago, allocating $1 million for a national marketing campaign to attract entrepreneurs to the City.

New York-based Rough Draft NYC, one of two firms chosen to develop the campaign, identified San Jose and Oakland, California; Austin, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Denver, Colorado as the top geographic areas for the project’s target demographics: millennial entrepreneurs and baby boomer business owners/innovators.

Rough Draft NYC and McKee Wallwork + Co., the Albuquerque-based firm working on the campaign, will be strategically pushing out to these audiences a diverse blend of videos, articles, memes, social media posts, and other images and written material produced by the firms on a regular basis through the end of November. Some paid and earned spots in newspapers and magazines, as well as tailored collateral packages will also be part of the mix.

“This campaign is an economic development initiative to bring jobs to our city and to create jobs locally by positioning Albuquerque as a vibrant center for entrepreneurship,” said Mayor Berry. “Never before has the City undertaken a marketing initiative of this magnitude and scope. This is an unprecedented outreach, not just to get people talking about Albuquerque but to motivate them to move here.”

Among the first steps in the campaign has been rebranding of the local Innovation Central website,, so that it not only continues to serve the needs of Albuquerque’s entrepreneurial ecosystem but is also relevant to a national audience. All content created by Rough Draft NYC and McKee Wallwork + Co. will be housed on the website, and all messaging will ultimately drive the audience to it.

“The Rough Draft team has been working diligently on campaign planning, and designing and developing new content and assets, including the website, newsletter, and social media plan,” said co-founder Glenn Pajarito. “We have also begun conversations with various media outlets around the country, and there is a lot of interest in the campaign.”

McKee Wallwork today unveiled its inaugural video starring local tech entrepreneur Andy Lim and nationally renowned “vlogger” (video blogger) Scott Winn of Salt Lake City. The video highlights Albuquerque's entrepreneurial ecosystem and what happens when one of its stars introduces the city to an entrepreneur who has never before thought much about Albuquerque. The agency is creating a monthly series of stories to capture the qualities that make Albuquerque unique in its support of startups and the lifestyle coveted by today’s innovators.

McKee Wallwork + Co. also introduced The Loop, a social media sharing platform that has been in an 18-month pilot phase. The Loop enables people who love the city to spread the good news going on here.

Through an innovative software application developed by McKee Wallwork + Co., members of The Loop receive regular, timely updates about Albuquerque and its goings-on that they can then personalize and share through their social media networks. Anybody can join by going to  

“We live in a special place and we want to help spread the word,” said Steve McKee, president of McKee Wallwork + Co. “Together we all have very broad reaching capabilities through our social media networks, and all it takes is being intentional about sharing the good news. As we get this effort to scale, our reach may exceed that of most cable TV networks and even The New York Times. That can’t help but have a positive impact.”

Albuquerque is the first city in the country to empower its citizens to play a key role in changing misconceptions in this way.

The money budgeted by Mayor Berry for the project will be divided between the firms. The campaign, which is being coordinated and supervised by the City’s Economic Development Department, is funded by the Economic Development Action Account (EDAct) and will be ongoing through the end of the administration.