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Mom and Son’s Extraordinary Compassion Garners National Recognition

Good Samaritans: Josette and Dylan Duran

February 24, 2017

Albuquerque, NM- Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry awarded Josette Duran and her son, Dylan Duran, as Good Samaritans for making sure the kids at Dylan’s school got to eat a warm and nutritious lunch, every day. 

In August 2016, Dylan, asked his mom, Josette, to start packing him two lunches to take to school. After several weeks of packing two lunches for Dylan, Josette became concerned that her son was not getting enough to eat. When she finally asked him why he needed her to pack him two lunches, Dylan explained that he was giving the extra lunch to a boy at his school who ate alone and only had a fruit cup to eat.

When the mother of the boy learned that Josette had been feeding her son, she tried to pay her back, but Josette continued to pack a lunch for Dylan and his friend for three months. The mother explained to Josette that she had lost her job and was unable to pay for her son’s lunch. Josette was filled with empathy for the family because it was not long ago that she and Dylan experienced homelessness.

Josette coaches the girls’ volleyball team at 21st Century. After Josette and Dylan’s story was originally covered by a local news station in October 2016, they tried to pay Josette back for her tremendous act of kindness by using $200 of funds they had raised. Josette matched their funds and paid off all the past due lunch accounts at Dylan’s school.

Numerous news stations have covered Josette and Dylan’s story since it first aired including CBS News, US Magazine, NBC 4 Columbus, Inside Edition, Huffington Post, T.D. Jakes Show, London Radio, K-love Radio, New Zealand Radio, the Bull 100.3, and HLN. Recently, Josette was awarded a $2,500 Gives Back Award by It Works! Global. She turned around and donated the money to the Faith Hope & Love Foundation. Last week, Dylan’s story was also published in the Angels on Earth magazine.

Dylan’s big heart and Josette’s exceptional acts of kindness have inspired people in other states to raise money to go toward school lunches. It is for these reasons that Josette Duran and Dylan Duran were recognized as this week’s City of Albuquerque’s Good Samaritans.