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Mayor Unveils New Transparency & Accountability Measures

ABQ Dashboard and Benefits sites to debut on ABQView

November 8, 2012

Albuquerque- Mayor Richard J. Berry started ABQ View shortly after coming into office, and now three years later he continues to expand information available through the transparency portal. Today, November 8, the Mayor announced several additions to the site including benefit rates for employees (so the taxpayers are able to calculate the city’s total budgeted cost for each employee combining their salary and benefits) along with a new “Dashboard” section dedicated to hosting charts and graphs outlining important community issues and performance measures.

"It is essential that we’re able to be held accountable to our bosses, the taxpayers," said Mayor Berry. "This now provides a full window into city government, showcases our strengths and areas where we can improve."

The new benefits page includes information on employee benefits including insurance plans, health and wellness programs, career enrichment and leave time. The benefits are broken down by employee groups show the average city employee’s benefits costs have risen since 2007 by about 22% for APD Sworn Officers and about 7% for all other city employees.

ABQ Dashboard page shows meaningful information regarding response times from APD and AFD, the number of adopted and euthanized animals, DWI arrests, the cost of recycling (which has gone down thanks to the City’s new contract with Friedman recycling).
The website will continue to be updated with new and updated performance charts. The IT Department welcomes suggestions for ABQ Dashboard content, to give feedback email, call 311, or contact the Mayor on facebook at . For more information about a specific chart, contact information is available at the bottom of the page.