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Mayor Richard J. Berry’s Office Honors Firefighters & Officers for Heroic Rescues

Mayor Richard J. Berry’s Office recognized members of the Albuquerque Police Department and the Albuquerque Fire Department.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - On Friday, August 10, 2012, Mayor Richard J. Berry’s Office recognized members of the Albuquerque Police Department and the Albuquerque Fire Department. In the past few weeks these departments have worked perfectly together to create positive outcomes from two very dangerous and traumatic incidents.

Rescue #1

In late July, a 19 year old hiker called 911 to ask for help, reporting that he was injured and in need of assistance. APD and AFD both responded to this incident. The officers on-site had to locate the young man and evacuate him from the mountain.

Once officers reached the hiker, rescue crews realized that the evacuation would be a tough one. The National Guard was called to assist with the evacuation and the patient was evacuated via Blackhawk to UNMH.

Due to the outstanding teamwork by the Albuquerque Fire Department, Albuquerque Police Department Open Space Unit, Albuquerque Mountain Rescue, Albuquerque Ambulance, the National Guard, and BCSO Metro One, this rescue mission was a success.

Heroes: APD- Sergeant Mike Meisinger, Officer John McDaniel, Officer Matt Schmidt, Officer Chad Melvin, Officer Jason Harvey, and Officer Anthony Martinez. From AFD-  Lt. John Sedillo, Michael Mora, Angelo Abeyta, Lt. Joe Luna, Cory Phillips, Sara Jones,  Shannon Crawford,  Lt. Clint Anderson, Jason Martin,  Lt. Ray Gutierrez, Michael Palmer,  Jose Gomez, Anthony Mazotti, Lt. Courtney Rhoades, Dale Knighton, Joe Fraley, David Baca, Lt. Derrick Ross, and Justin Spain.


Rescue #2

Late last month an 18 year old male and his father were riding their ATVs in the Tijeras Arroyo, in the middle of the Sandia Mountains, when the 18 year old accidentally drove off a 25 foot drop. The male was not wearing a helmet, and his crash site was deep into an arroyo.

Since, it was in an area accessible to mainly ATVs it was very difficult for rescue crews to reach the crash site. This particular area in the foothills, where the crash occurred, is very thick with cactus, rugged landscape, and steep hills. AFD led an initial rescue crew that had to walk more than two miles through deep sand and high temperatures to reach the man. In the meantime, APD also had bike patrols ride to the area.

Once they reached the male, rescue crews realized that the male was suffering from obvious head and neck injuries. A PHI Air Medical helicopter arrived on scene and transported the man to UNMH. Due to the perseverance, excellent conditioning and professionalism of these individuals, this young man was given excellent care and is doing well. 

Heroes: AFD- Driver Jason Galindro, Firefighter William Jarvis, Firefighter Elliot Knighton, Lieutenant Louis Ron Archuleta, Driver Michael Palmer, Firefighter Anthony Mazotti, Firefighter Jose Gomez, Lieutenant Raymond Gutierrez, Driver Michel Kolbusz, Lieutenant Michael White, Battalion Commander: Victor Padilla Jr.. From APD: Officer Max Miranda and Officer Tom Melvin.