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Mayor Richard J. Berry Recognizes Eye Witness and Officers who Solved the 7-11 Murder

Heroes: Lt. Gary Reed, Sgt. Gary Barboa, Det. Holly Anderson, Det. David Gonzales, Det. Russ Landavazo, Det. Darcy McDermeit, Det. Kevin Morant, Det. Andrea Ortiz, and eyewitness Joshua Vail.

August 24, 2012

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - On Friday, August 24, 2012, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized the excellent police work done by the Albuquerque Police Department Officers who helped rapidly solve the murder of 7-11 clerk Chad Mercer, 36, and the life-saving attempts made by an eyewitness. Mercer, the victim, husband, and father passed away on Tuesday, July 17th.

On that fateful day UNM student, Joshua Vail, 19, stopped by 7-Eleven with several friends. Vail was first robbed at gun point in the parking lot and then witnessed the shooting of the 7-Eleven clerk. He immediately ran inside to Mercer, went to his side, and tried to revive him. His heroic efforts showed his instinct to act quickly and to help save someone else, even at this risk of his own wellbeing. Mr. Vail valiantly showed great courage in the midst of a devastating crime.

That evening several officers hit the streets to track down the people responsible for the senseless shooting and the robberies. Swift detective work gave the team of Officers several leads- surveillance video, GPS software on the phones, and several detailed eyewitness statements. The very next day Officers arrested all three suspects involved in this case.

The men and women who dedicated themselves to solving this crime are the key to keeping the streets of Albuquerque safe, and they played the key role in ensuring justice for the victim and his loved ones.