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Mayor Richard J. Berry Recognizes Employees for Cost Saving Measures

ESA Award Recipient: Fabian Macias, Manager of the City Environmental Health Department Air Monitoring Team

January 13, 2012

Fabian Macias, an employee in the Environmental Health Department is the latest recipient of the City of Albuquerque’s Efficiency, Stewardship and Accountability award.  

In 2009 Macias took the initiative to help the City of Albuquerque obtain EPA grant funds for environmental improvements to diesel vehicles in its fleets. It was up to Macias to fill out the applications and gather the necessary information from city departments.

Through his hard work from Macias the City of Albuquerque was awarded a grant for $642,699 to put towards the fleets in the Department of Solid Waste and the Albuquerque Fire Department. The original grant was only supposed to be for $230,000 but Macias was able to take advantage of other opportunities to increase the final amount of the grant.

Macias is filling out the EPA applications yet again and this time around he is trying to include the Department of Municipal Development, Fleet Maintenance, and Solid Waste in the applications. Taking on these applications is well beyond his job of monitoring the daily air.

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