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Mayor Richard J. Berry Honors Members of the Albuquerque Fire Department

Mickey Fehr works in the Department of Finance and Administration as the E-Commerce Manager.

March 9, 2012


Mickey Fehr works in the Department of Finance and Administration as the E-Commerce Manager. Fehr is the recipient of this week’s Employee of the Week award and is also the recipient of the Efficiency Stewardship and Accountability award.

Ms. Fehr is being recognized for her leadership in many cost cutting activities for the City of Albuquerque. Over the last year she has been instrumental in updating the Department of Senior Affair’s Point-of-Sale system. She was able to complete this project not only on time but within the budget as well.

There were many tasks that she completed in the overhaul of their system. She setup 14 Touch Screen sales point computers, obtained 12 sales software licenses, networked 8 printers, installed 30 desktop Siriusware support software packages, trained 59 in-house operators, and imported more than 30,000 membership records from the old software system to the new.

As part of this project she recognized an opportunity for efficecny and wrote a code that allowed the systems to share information. She created a number of innovative ways for the Department of Senior Affairs to be able to provide a more efficient service to the senior citizens of Albuquerque.

Her work with the membership records saved the City of Albuquerque about $10,000 through cost avoidance. It is for this saved expense that Ms. Fehr is receiving the ESA award as well. Fehr has requested that instead of the money going to her Department of Finance and Administration it be given to the Department of Senior Affairs.

"I’m very proud of our departments. This level of cooperation and depth of knowledge created a great cost savings for the tax payers,” said Mayor Berry. “Fehr was on a mission to see taxpayer money being used in a more efficient manner."