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Mayor Richard J. Berry Honors a Detective who Saved an Elderly Woman

Friday’s Hero: Detective Carla Perez, Albuquerque Police Department

March 1, 2013

Albuquerque- Today, Mayor Berry recognized an Albuquerque Police Department Detective who saved an elderly woman from succumbing to the bitter cold.  It was early December, and approximately 30 degrees outside, when Detective Perez was working on an auto theft tact plan. While surveying the local neighborhood she discovered a running vehicle outside a home. Due to the frequency of running cars being stolen out of driveways, Det. Perez, knocked on the door and rang the doorbell to warn the homeowner. When no one answered, Det. Perez became concerned for the homeowner and went around the house to see if she could find the individual.

On the side of the home Det. Perez found an elderly woman on the ground, cold, and unable to stand. The poor woman had been stranded outside for about an hour in freezing temperatures. Det. Perez immediately called for a rescue unit and tried to keep her warm until the paramedics got to the home.

About one week later, the senior wrote a gracious letter to Det. Perez thanking her and praising her for her diligence, attention to details, her concern, and for ultimately saving her life.

"This is an amazing story, that displays truly heroic actions," said Mayor Berry. "Detective Perez may not have had an action-packed, chaotic scenario to deal with, but sometimes the most simple thoughtful actions can have profound, life-altering results. In this case she saved the life of one of our cherished senior citizens. Thank you."

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