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Mayor Richard J. Berry and City Councilor Debbie O’Malley Order Demolition of Nuisance Building

Mayor Richard J. Berry’s Administration demolished a property Thursday that has generated hundreds of police calls and considered to be a high level area of property crime.

After six years of citizen complaints on 406 Veranda NW, Mayor Berry signed legislation sponsored by City Councilor Debbie O’Malley authorizing the demolition.

Since 2004 the City has spent thousands of dollars in calls for service, cleanup, security, and paperwork for financial liens on this derelict property. Businesses and residents in the neighborhood are very happy to have this dilapidated and unsafe building become a thing of the past. This property had become a place where vagrants illegally gathered and the site of numerous cases of vandalism and graffiti on the site itself and on surrounding properties.

“Residents demanded that the City take action,” Mayor Berry said. “We listened to the constituents and took the action that the neighborhood wanted.”

The resolution (R-09-296) sponsored by Councilor O’Malley called the property ruined, damaged and dilapidated. The legislation states the property had become a menace to public comfort, health, peace and safety.

“This has been a problem property for many years and neighbors are concerned for their safety,” Councilor O’Malley said.

406 Veranda NW is currently bank owned. The property has about $4000 worth of liens that must be paid in full to the City when the property is sold. At present, there are no future plans for the property.