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Mayor Raises Awareness to Human Trafficking

Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative works to raise awareness.

July 29, 2016

Albuquerque- – Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry along with staff from the Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative stood in solidarity on Civic Plaza to raise awareness to the heartless crime on “Human Trafficking Awareness Day.”

The Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative works collaboratively as a community to raise awareness about how to identify human trafficking so that reporting it will be as common as reporting other crimes. Their goal is to establish a solid continuum of care for victims across systems. Through awareness, prevention and partnerships, this collaborative effort sends a clear message that the City of Albuquerque will not tolerate human trafficking.

“Human Trafficking is a crime that affects so many people but frequently goes unnoticed,” said Mayor Berry, “Events like this both raise awareness and show that Albuquerque will not stand idly by.”

This is an important initiative because Albuquerque has been identified as a destination city for sex trafficking. Traffickers travel from various states across the U.S. to sell their victims in our city. This day represents a demonstration of solidarity for victims around the world and in our own community that are captive in a life of servitude, violence and despair. Human trafficking is an underground criminal enterprise that is very difficult to identify, making it extremely difficult to rescue victims. The initiative believes it takes everyone to be aware of human trafficking in order to fight this crime.