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Mayor Pushes FDIC to Work with City to Solve Anasazi Building Problems

Mayor Richard J. Berry warns FDIC to help find solutions or City will take action on Anasazi Building.

Albuquerque—Mayor Richard J. Berry sent a letter Monday to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) urging leaders to immediately begin working with the City of Albuquerque to find solutions to downtown’s largest eyesore, the Anasazi Building.

In the letter, Mayor Berry argued the Anasazi Building becomes more deteriorated with each passing day. The building is so dilapidated, thieves strip copper wire and building materials frequently and the interior of the building is used for illegal drug trade and other public nuisances.

“We need to work together to promptly solve this issue and get the project moving forward,” Mayor Berry wrote. “I am not willing to wait for another year, or frankly another six months without a plan being put in place to address this situation.”

Mayor Berry also warned the FDIC that if an action plan isn’t put in place soon, the City may be left with no choice but to condemn, demolish, and lien the building. While the City has boarded up and fenced off the property, the mayor pointed out the building continues to be a problem for Downtown Albuquerque.

To help the FDIC understand the mayor’s sense of urgency on this matter, he has agreed to meet FDIC leaders in Washington or host a meeting in Albuquerque, in order to develop solutions.

The FDIC took ownership of the Anasazi in August 2008. The lender of the building, Topeka, Kan.-based Columbian Bank and Trust Co., was seized by the FDIC, at which time construction was halted. Since that time the partially-completed building turned into an eyesore in one of Albuquerque’s most important commerce and tourism areas.

The Anasazi Building is located at Central and 6th Street SW.