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Mayor Meets with Bill Gates & Gates Foundation on Government Innovation and Education Initiatives

Albuquerque-based programs once again garner national attention

March 14, 2014

Albuquerque- Mayor Richard J. Berry is in Washington, DC attending a gathering hosted by Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation concerning Common Core as well as local government innovation as it relates to education. A select group of local leaders from around the nation were invited by the Gates Foundation to participate. Mayor Berry was invited based on the administration’s initiatives which reflect an innovative approach to impacting education outcomes in Albuquerque, including Running Start for Careers, which gives students hands on experience in a number of growth based industries such as construction and healthcare.

“It is an honor to be part of this group of leaders invited to the discussion by the Gates Foundation to share innovative approaches to solving local issues. As it relates to education, we are pleased to be able to talk about Running Start for Careers, an initiative spearheaded by the mayor’s office, as well as important local collaborations such as Mission: Graduate. It is gratifying to know that the Gates Foundation recognizes the value of these efforts which have a meaningful impact for our students,” stated Mayor Berry.