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Mayor: Help Decide Police Cruiser Design

Mayor asks for community input on new police car design. Albuquerque Police are considering changing fleet to black and white cars.

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Current Design

Proposed Design

The Albuquerque Police Department is considering a change in the look of its police cruisers, and Mayor Richard J. Berry wants to know if the community likes the new style.

On Wednesday, the Mayor and Police Chief Ray Schultz unveiled a new prototype black-and-white police car that could replace the current red, white, and blue design -- if it receives positive feedback from the community.

"The look of our officers is very important and it should be a look that community as whole feels is a good representation of our city," Mayor Berry said. "I'm looking forward to find out what the community thinks about this new prototype."

Help Decide

Help decide the design.

The Mayor will make his decision on the new design within the next few months.

The current car design has been in place since 1994 when the police department changed its fleet's color scheme from blue and white. The prototype, which arrived in Albuquerque last week, is a Dodge Charger. Currently, APD's fleet comprises mostly Ford Crown Victorias.

New Fleet Planned

Regardless of the color design, the fleet will start to transition to Dodge Chargers next year. In August, Ford discontinued the Crown Victoria and replaced it with a different model. At the same time, Chevrolet and Dodge started manufacturing police cruisers, as well. The City has decided that all new car purchases will be Dodge Chargers.

The current red, white, and blue cars will remain in the fleet until they are eventually phased out over time by the black and white cars. Currently, the prototype is being tested by a group of officers assigned to APD's Field Services Bureau.

"We want this car to be something that the officers and the community are proud of," Chief Schultz said. "The police car is a symbol of the community."