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Mayor & First Lady’s Charity Gala Helps Therapeutic Dance Company Reach More Vulnerable Kids & Teens

The long standing Albuquerque tradition will profit Keshet Dance Company

June 5, 2012

Albuquerque, NM - A young girl who is confined to a wheelchair whirls across the stage in front of hundreds of people with the grace and precision of a ballerina. This is a visual that many would not have thought possible, but these types of success stories are very familiar to the members of Keshet Dance Company.

This year the Mayor and First Lady’s Charity Gala selected three non-profit organizations that incorporate art into education as the benefactors of this year’s event: Art in the Schools, the United Way of Central New Mexico Community Fund, and Keshet Dance Company. The profits will help these organizations continue and boos the programing that they offer to the community.

"This is such a worthy organization, from teens involved in the juvenile justice program, to those struggling with physical handicaps, Keshet inspires more than 7,500 people every year," said First Lady Maria Berry. Mayor Richard J. Berry emphasized the need for programing that offers support during these key years in a young adult’s life, "This is a creative approach to promoting education and socialization while combating homelessness and crime."

Keshet Dance Company is also one of only 7% of dance companies in the United States which offers professional dancers full-time employment with benefits. The repertory company of ballerinas tours the country offering dynamic and inspiring productions.

The Mayor and First Lady’s Charity Gala is on Friday, June 15, for more information or to purchase tickets go to The very next day, on June 16, the City will be celebrating the Centennial Summerfest- the biggest Centennial celebration in the state.