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Mayor Continues to Push for Government Transparency

Recommendation of 72 hour agenda notification.

Albuquerque, NM – Mayor Richard J. Berry and City Councilor Mike Cook joined with the NM Foundation for Open Government and State Representative Jim Smith to recommend the Albuquerque City Council support a new transparency endeavor: publishing the Council agenda’s 72 hours before a meeting. Current protocol requires that agenda items are submitted only 24 hours before the meeting.

The cornerstone of good government is accessibility of information to our community; this Ordinance will reinforce the Mayor’s mission of transparency. The Ordinance is also expected to increase public participation in the legislative process, by allowing residents to be better informed as to what their City Council is working on. This type of legislation enjoyed bipartisan support at the last Legislative session but never made it to the Senate Floor for a vote.

"Patrick Henry said it best, ‘the liberties of a people were, nor ever will be secure, when the transaction of their rulers may be concealed from them’," said Mayor Berry.  "That is precisely why I continue to be an avid reformer for open government, and the new 72 hour rule is the logical next step which continues to promote public access and reform."

The 72 hour rule, sponsored by Councilor Michael Cook, will not only help to better inform the community, but it will also give the Councilors additional time to review legislation. "I’m carrying this legislation because I believe in transparency as the number one tool for improving the public’s trust in their government," said Councilor Cook. "Mayor Berry is consistently leading the state’s largest municipality towards ever-improving and forward-thinking government transparency."

The 72-hour rule is one of many transparency priorities the Mayor has initiated. When he first took office he developed the State’s first city-based comprehensive transparency website, ABQ View, which has received several Sunny Awards for its design and data-inclusivity.  ABQ View lists all city employees’ names and salaries along with city spending data, vendor contracts, capital projects, audits, internal investigations, travel expenses, and political contributions. The site can be viewed here.