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Mayor Berry Pledges to Fight Property Crime

Mayor Richard J. Berry unveiled his plan to attack property crime Jan. 26, 2010, pledging to make Albuquerque a bad place to commit crime.

Mayor Barry has pledged to make Albuquerque a bad city to commit crime.The plan, which was unveiled in front of 500 realtors at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, will focus on using technology, teaming with private industry and seeking tougher legislation and prosecution.

Berry's Plan includes:

  • Seeking federal prosecution for property crimes involving firearms.
  • Fingerprinting everyone who is arrested no matter how small the crime.
  • Dispatching CSIs to every burglary.
  • Offering cash incentives for people who turn in property crime offenders.
  • Tracking property crime offenders who are out on probation.
  • Developing a system that allows pawn shops to track stolen property.
  • Sending out mass emails to the community.
  • "Tweeting" every car that is stolen.
  • Creating a public database that can be accessed through smart phones providing information on stolen vehicles.
  • Pursuing a meaningful Three Strikes Law.
  • Creating a night detective squad to respond to property crimes in the evening hours.
  • Advertising wanted property crime offenders on billboards and in the newspaper.

Many aspects of Berry's plan have already been implemented by the Albuquerque Police Department during his administration. In the weeks to come APD will continue to roll out additional features of Berry's agenda.

"This is a full court press on thieves," Berry said. "We are making a statement that this is our city, our property and this is our plan to make Albuquerque a tough town for thieves."

In 2006, the property crime epidemic hit Albuquerque when auto thefts increased by more than 42 percent. During his campaign for Mayor, Berry pledged to address the property crime epidemic. He has ordered Police Chief Ray Schultz to make it his top priority.

"I want to see results," Berry said. "My administration's priority is to make our streets safer. The people deserve that."