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Mayor Berry Establishes Community Policing Councils Designed to Improve Policing and Community Relationships

Citizens and APD to Work Together to Improve Public Safety and Community Outcomes

May 30, 2014

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry announced the establishment of six Community Policing Councils (CPCs) designed to foster better policing and community practices and community-police relationships.

The six Community Policing Councils in Albuquerque will coincide with the six APD area commands. The goal of each CPC is to engage in candid, detailed and meaningful dialogue between APD and the citizens APD serves that identifies concerns, problems, successes and opportunities within each area command and for the department as a whole. Each of the six CPCs will be composed of members from the community who have resided within or have businesses within the boundaries of their area command for at least three years and APD officers assigned to that area command.

Applicants for each CPC will be expected to seek out and listen to the feedback and concerns of their neighbors, friends and colleagues and bring the best ideas and suggestions forward to the full council.

Each citizen member shall attend an orientation to learn about APD policies and procedures, operations of City government and the rules and operating procedures of the Community Policing Councils. Each citizen member will be encouraged to complete the Citizens Police Academy and will be required to participate in at least two ride-alongs per year with an Albuquerque police officer in their area command during their term on the Council.

Council members will be selected, not by the Mayor or City Council, but by neighborhood leaders who reside within the boundaries of each area command. The Mayor, after consultation with community leaders, City Councilors and APD will select the neighborhood leaders who will make the final CPC selections. Participating officers will be selected by each Area Commander, with approval by the Chief.

Recommendations from each CPC will be voted on by members of each council and will be transmitted to the Chief of Police. The Chief will be required to take CPC recommendations into account as a component of policy making decisions for the department.

Information and recommendations will be passed back to each area command’s leadership by the Chief in order to have the information disseminated to rank and file officers within the area command.

The six CPCs will meet monthly for the first year and quarterly thereafter (unless changed by majority vote of each council). The City will provide meeting spaces, office supplies and other support as needed to implement the initiative.

Those interested in participating should apply through the Mayor’s office by logging onto Applications will be forwarded to the selection committees. The first CPC meetings are expected to begin in July.

“We must come together as a community and a police department to build and strengthen relationships between APD and the citizens we serve” said Mayor Berry. “It is vital that we establish an ongoing community dialogue that will be in place for years to come. The initiatives put forth today will provide an important and ongoing opportunity to improve policing, policies and community relationships moving forward,” he added.