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Mayor Berry Announces Additional Transparency Measure

ABQ View: City's Transparency Website now provides names and salaries for all City employees.

ALBUQUERQUE - Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry announced an addition to ABQ View, the city's comprehensive transparency website. Now ALL city employee names, departments, positions, base pay, and total year-to-date earnings including over-time will be listed, and updated every pay period effective today. In August 2010 ABQ View was on the forefront of transparency for cities listing unclassified employees names and salaries and classified employees titles and salaries. Later, the Berry Administration listed the names and salaries of the top 250 employees based on pay. Now the administration, under the leadership of Mayor Berry, is taking the next logical step.

"This is what open government looks like. I'm now taking ABQ View to another level by posting the salaries of ALL city employees," Mayor Berry said. "I'm proud to lead this administration into the highest levels of transparency and accountability."

Easy Access

ABQ View will allow citizens to easily access the names and salaries of ALL city employees, city spending data, vendor contracts, capital projects, audits, internal investigations, budget trending, travel expenses, the mayor's credit card statements, political contributions and much more. At the initial implementation of ABQ View one of the concerns was the potential for identity theft. However, since launching the site, there have been no reports of identity theft or any other illegal activity against listed employees.

"We want to be at the forefront of accountability, but we also want to be a good employer. We've been considering this 'next step' with the utmost thoughtfulness," said Mayor Berry. "I empathize with employees that feel uncomfortable with this decision, but we have to understand that we work for the community, and they have a right to know how their money is being spent."

National Recognition

The site has already received national acclaim for creating government accountability and transparency, and other governmental entities have used ABQ View as a model. The Sunshine Review, the established standard for government transparency, awarded the city an "A+" rating for transparency. Likewise the New Mexico Foundation of Open Government also viewed ABQ View and gave glowing reviews of the site.