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Mayor Announces Take-Home Vehicle Review

City to re-examine take-home policies and costs for more than 240 government fleet vehicles.


Chris Ramirez

Mayor Richard J. Berry announced Aug. 11 that he is calling for a comprehensive review of the City of Albuquerque's take home car policy. Mayor Berry, along with Chief Administrative Officer David Campbell and other key members of the Administration, will review current practices to see what, if any, changes need to be made to provide for better efficiency, tax dollar savings, and good use of employees' time.

"We have a number of efficiency measures that we want to look at across City government," said Mayor Berry. "To make good policy decisions, we must look at each issue and study it individually. This policy is one of several we will be taking a closer look in the first two years of my office. With the large number of take home vehicles in the city fleet and with our employees taking pay cuts, it just seems logical that this issue is one that we pay particular attention to."

As the Berry Administration enters into its first full fiscal year, Mayor Berry said he wanted to use this opportunity to look at the current take home car policy. The review process will consist of examining the inventory of existing take home vehicles and the criteria for policy already in place. The review team must create policy that maintains city services, is fair to employees, and understandable to taxpayers.

"We have more than 240 take home vehicles in our fleet," Campbell said. "It is time to review the current procedures to ensure that tax dollars are being used wisely."

"The work our employees do 24 hours a day, seven days a week is critical for keeping up with the demands of a city our size," added Mayor Berry. "But we owe it to the taxpayer to engage in a comprehensive review to make sure that we are not issuing vehicles to people who don't necessarily need them."

The City has recently announced revisions to the take home car policy for Albuquerque Police Department officers which prohibits take home vehicles for officers living outside an 11 mile radius from the Big-I. The new policy within APD took several months of study and revision prior to implementation. The citywide review should be completed within the next two months.