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Mayor Announces Office of Diversity and Human Rights

Mayor Richard J. Berry announced his recent selection of Gabe Campos as Director of the Office of Diversity and Human Rights
July 20, 2013


Albuquerque, NM— At today's  Creating Community Solutions on Mental Health - Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry announced his recent selection of Gabe Campos as Director of the Office of Diversity and Human Rights.   Mayor Berry announced the initiative in conjunction with today's mental health gathering siting the opportunity for the Office of Diversity and Human Rights to assist those living with mental health issues.

"Today's announcement was critical one for me to make.  I wanted to ensure we took the time to formulate the mission of the office and find the right leadership," said Mayor Berry.  "I have directed a key member of my staff, Annabelle Romero to become attached to this new office as Deputy Director to  maintain a direct link to the Office of the Mayor. It's important to me to be kept  closely informed and an active part of this vital initiative," added Mayor Berry.

The new Director, Mr. Campos received a BS in engineering,  attended UNM for his MBA and the University of Wisconsin School of Law for his Juris Doctor. Prior to his current role as the Human Rights Officer, he was with New Mexico Legal Aid for 10 years serving as the Director of Grants and Special Programs. Throughout his career he has been actively engaged in the community by volunteering to serve on the boards of various social services agencies, especially those focusing on assistance to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or to those with mental health concerns.

"I am committed to making  the new Albuquerque  Office of Diversity and Human Rights a conduit for all groups and voices to feel connected with the City and to help increase collaboration on making Albuquerque the best city it can be, " said  Mr. Campos.  "I want the office to be an advocate for inclusion and a defender for anyone experiencing exclusion."

The office, in operation since May has assisted 64 people with issues as ranging from trail access to housing retrofit. Initial objects include meeting with agencies and individuals across the city.  Organizations or individuals interested in learning more about or scheduling a meeting can 768-4589 or 311.

City Ordinance (11-3-1) specifies that the breadth of the Office of Diversity and Human Rights as a visible entity to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical handicap in areas such as housing, employment and public accommodation. To this end, the office is actively working on issues related to pay equity, ADA, and housing for starters.   Mayor Berry has directed the office to think beyond the minimum requirements of the statute in order to foster the best community outcomes possible.