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Mayor and AFSME Union Sign New Contract

Berry Administration and M-Series Union Come to Agreement

July 12, 2013

Albuquerque- Mayor Richard J. Berry announced on July 12 that his administration has reached agreement- with the Management Union, Local 3022, bargaining unit. The M-Series is a local union under AFSCME which includes professionals with first line and mid-level supervisory duties. The M- Series union is made up of nearly 800 city employees The Berry Administration and Union Representatives gathered today to officially sign the new contract.

"The Union and City negotiators worked diligently to craft a contract that is beneficial to both the union membership and taxpayers," said Mayor Berry.   

"Both parties recognize the challenges facing the City of Albuquerque, and negotiated their terms accordingly." said John Martinez, the City’s lead negotiator. “This is a great example of the city administration working well with local union leaders who at the end of the day all want what’s best for the taxpayers and our employees,” he added.

The union members received a 1% increase in compensation as part of the new agreement. Union members voted to ratify the new agreement several weeks ago.