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Marketing MacGyver Finds Forever Homes for Furry Friends & Coordinates Countless Campaigns

Employee of the Week: Animal Welfare Marketing Manager Desiree Cawley

Albuquerque- Cinco De Chihuahua, Putts for Mutts, Seven Dollar Saturday, and Bark in the Mew Year are just a handful of the clever campaigns Desiree Cawley implements to get animals adopted.  The catchy phrases and events have led to hundreds of furry, four-legged friends finding their forever families. As the Animal Welfare Department’s Marketing Manager, Cawley doesn’t simply run the campaigns, which generally have little to no budget; she also garners in-kind support and sponsorships from photographers, graphic artists, pet stores, and a variety of other private businesses. Her creative posters consistently grace the walls of City Hall, pop-up in water bill inserts, and regularly infuse the Albuquerque radio and television airwaves.


Animal Welfare Director Barbara Bruin, who is Cawley’s boss, says, “Most people would think that these campaigns were generated by a team of marketing experts, but they really come from one ingenious, hardworking employee.”


Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry honored Cawley as the Employee of the Week, and praised her for her dedication to our community’s most vulnerable creatures, “Desiree is a champion for this city and for all the homeless pets. It’s always impressive to watch her create fantastic events and the passion she dedicates to find homes for these animals and encouraging owners to spay and neuter their pets.”


With endless perseverance, it’s easy to see that Cawley’s work doesn’t end after hours, she volunteers countless hours to work at offsite events that raise money for the shelter, she also lives what she preaches as the proud “Mom” of three dogs and one cat, all adopted through Animal Welfare.


In Cawley’s nomination letter, Bruin says, “Her dedication is not only to the City of Albuquerque and the Animal Welfare Department, but to the animals who do not have a voice.”


Cawley has been with the Animal Welfare Department since 2011 and during this time she has single-handedly, developed a vast marketing campaign. Her efforts have created multi-media and print campaigns, raising awareness of the city’s goal to promote spay and neuter of pets and the plight of homeless animals in the City.


For information on how you can adopt a pet please call 311 or visit