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Local Elementary School's Tutoring Efforts Highlighted

NBC News reporter Chelsea Clinton reported Jan. 26, 2014, about a built-from-scratch tutoring program at Manzano Mesa Elementary School here in Albuquerque.

Feature: Manzano Mesa Elementary School

Clinton highlighted a local community school’s Homework Diner program here in Albuquerque. View the NBC News report.

Manzano Mesa Elementary School started the Homework Diner program as a six-week pilot program in 2012. The program aimed at increasing homework completion and improving the culture of the school community.

With approximately 67 percent of students eligible for free and reduced lunch and two out of three students living in hunger, the program also set out to address the significant nutritional barriers to learning.

School & Community Pride

"We are very proud that NBC visited Manzano Mesa, one of our most successful community schools. The Homework Diner program was created by the Community School Council comprised of teachers, the principal, parents, many partners, and community members," said José Muñoz, Executive Director of the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County (ABC) Community School Partnership.

There are 10 community schools participating in the ABC Community School Partnership and growing interest around the region.