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Library Manager Assists in Locating Missing Elderly Customer

Employee of the Week: Cultural Services Department Employee Tanya Shelton-Council

February 3, 2017

Albuquerque-Today Mayor Richard J. Berry awarded Tanya Shelton-Council, Cultural Services Department employee and Taylor Ranch Library Manager, as this week’s Employee of the Week for helping identify an elderly woman who was reported as missing.

In June 2016, staff at the Taylor Ranch Library brought to Shelton-Council’s attention an elderly customer who was asking for permission to look through the library’s Roadrunner Food Bank donation bins, because, she explained, she was hungry.  Initially, Shelton-Council allowed the woman to go through the bins. However, she then felt that something was wrong and decided to inquire about the customer’s situation.

Shelton-Council sat down and spoke with the customer. She determined that the woman was confused and disoriented, and that she didn’t know where she lived. Shelton-Council called the Albuquerque Police Department’s (APD’s) non-emergency number, (505) 242-2677, or 242-COPS, for some assistance. An APD operator explained to Shelton-Council that a missing person report had been filed and it seemed to match the description of the hungry woman. APD Officer Melanie Carrillo arrived soon after the call was made, and determined that the woman was in fact the person who was reported missing.

The Taylor Ranch Library is open 7 days per week and is very busy. Shelton-Council not only manages the westside Albuquerque branch, but also is training the new manager at Cherry Hills Library, the City’s busiest branch, and has oversight over the Los Griegos and North Valley Branch libraries.

Shelton-Council’s display of great concern and compassion for the elderly customer resulted in her safe return home. She is committed to her job as branch manager for the Taylor Ranch Library, and goes above and beyond to help manage the Cherry Hills Library. It is for these reasons that Tanya Shelton-Council was recognized as this week’s City of Albuquerque’s Employee of the Week.