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Library Employee Inspires Children to Read

Employee of the Week: Toni-Lynn Hart

September 6, 2013


Albuquerque- Today Richard J. Berry honored a city employee whose contagious passion for her job encourages all to support their local libraries. Toni-Lynn Hart, a customer service employee currently at the Los Griegos Branch Library, goes above and beyond everyday to inspire youth to read and get involved in their community library.

In this day and age where books are being forgotten about with the continuing development of technology like Nooks, iPads, and Kindles, children often don’t even know about their own neighborhood libraries. Toni-Lynn Hart made it her personal mission to encourage families to come out to the Summer Reading Carnivals for the South Valley Library. Every year Hart plans and produces a big outdoor event for children and adults to enjoy games such as book walks, ring tosses, bowling, rhythmic ribbons, hula hoop contests, fun music and much more. The interaction and excitement that the children experience at this event builds fond memories and experiences of the library for them, making them more apt to participate in more of the library’s programs. Hart has even garnered the esteemed review, of a tough critic, one young girl told her, "You planned this so good. I will always come back to this place."

Hart’s work is very important on two fold. The youth in Albuquerque are our future. When younger generations are reading their minds expand way beyond the covers of their book. Their chances for success are heightened as they broaden their imaginations to come up with new and innovative ideas. Secondly, it is important because her event brings people together as a community. When families make it out to the Summer Reading Carnivals they meet neighbors and interact with those who live so close to them, who they may have not have spoken to before.

Hart’s devotion to the youth of Albuquerque is paramount to our city. The City of Albuquerque is lucky to have such a caring and enthusiastic employee. Her dedication to lifelong learning has garnered the attention of community members and the youngsters that keep coming back to her events and the library.