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Landfill Attendants Assist Customer Suffering From an Asthma Attack

Employees of the Week: Solid Waste Management’s Edward Hooee and Chris Vazquez

February 17,2017

Albuquerque, NM- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry awarded Edward Hooee and Chris Vasquez, Landfill Attendants in the Solid Waste Management Department, as this week’s Employees of the Week for rendering assistance to a customer who suffered an acute asthma attack while at a landfill disposal site.

In September 2016, Hooee and Vasquez were working at the Cerro Colorado Landfill located at 18000 Cerro Colorado SW. Hooee witnessed a man collapse to the ground and immediately called in the incident on the two-way radio. Vasquez heard Hooee’s call on the radio and quickly went over to the customer who seemed dazed. The customer was on the ground slumped over, gasping for air. The man was also clutching his chest, indicating that he was unable to breathe. Because Vasquez himself has asthma, he recognized the signs and symptoms and noticed the man was experiencing an acute asthma attack. Vasquez immediately went to the man’s aid, placed him into a City truck, turned on the air conditioner, gave him a bottle of water and let him relax. After about 30 minutes the customer relaxed and his breathing normalized.

Due to Hooee’s swift call on the incident on the radio as well as Vasquez’s understanding, the man’s acute asthma attack safely subsided. It is for these reasons that Edward Hooee and Chris Vazquez were recognized as this week’s City of Albuquerque’s Employees of the Week.