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Land Transfer Paves the Way for New Fire Station, Health Clinic

The City of Albuquerque and the University of New Mexico have agreed on a land swap paving the way for a new health care clinic and fire station.

ALBUQUERQUE– The final piece of the puzzle for the City of Albuquerque and UNM land exchange agreement was put into place at the UNM Board of Regents Sept. 13th meeting. A week after the Albuquerque City Council approved the exchange of two pieces of property, UNM’s Board approved the measure.

The exchange provides the City of Albuquerque property along Gibson Boulevard just east of I-25 to build Fire Station No. 2.  In turn, UNM receives a parcel of land on 4th street in the North Valley across from St. Therese Church to build a health clinic.

“When two government bodies work together, it’s a total win for the community,” Mayor Berry said.  “In this case, residents in the Southeast quadrant of the city will have increased fire protection and residents in the North Valley will have better access to medical care.”

“This is a win-win for the University and the city,” President Schmidly said.  “It shows how we can work together for the benefit of the community.”

“I am excited that the city is working with the University to improve the health and safety of UNM students,” said UNM Regent Jack Fortner.

Currently, Fire Stations No. 2 is in the design phase. Construction for the new prototype building is estimated at $3 Million.  Construction for the fire station is primarily funded through impact fees and is expected to begin in early 2012 and take about one year to complete.

On a separate note, the City is also planning on building Fire Station No. 7 at 57th and Central Avenue NW, which is expected to be completed around the same time as Fire Station No. 2.

The UNM Health Care Center will sit on a 2.1 acre parcel of land located on 4th Street between Matthews and Mildred and is expected to cost about $3.5 million to build.  The UNM Health Care Center will create about 20 new medical positions and will offer primary care, behavioral health, pharmacy, radiology, and laboratory services.