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K-9 Team Duo Make Large Drug Bust

Friday’s Heroes: Officer Tom Novicki and K-9 Trigger

August 2, 2013


Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored an Albuquerque DEA Task Force officer, who works as a Detective for APD, and his narcotic K-9 who brought down a large drug trafficking organization. Detective Tom Novicki and his K-9 “Trigger” sniffed out 12 kilograms of heroin and recovered $110,000 in US Currency during a sting operation to bring down a major drug lord.

This past June Officer Novicki and Trigger were involved in a large drug takedown.  APD officer, Tom Novicki frequently assists with the DEA in finding drug lords and smuggled narcotics. Paired with his trusty K-9, Officer Novicki has been able to accomplish remarkable takedowns. The skilled narcotics K-9, Trigger, was able to detect 12 bundles of heroine weighing over 10 kilograms in the engine compartment and drive shaft of a vehicle. This discovery led to a total of nine vehicles being seized. Trigger was called upon once again to investigate these vehicles for more narcotics and illegal items. This time he exposed another 5 ounces of heroin and 7 bundles of US currency totaling $110,000 in a vehicle’s dashboard.

Officer Novicki and Trigger seized a street value of $632,000 worth of heroin, keeping the deadly narcotic off the streets. Thanks to Officer Novicki and Trigger, the city of Albuquerque is a safer place to live.